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When Technology, Agriculture and Solar Energy Come together

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Agri-Light Energy Systems Ltd. has developed A Unique Solar Tracking System based on a proprietary Agri-voltaic Algorithm that enables dual usage of land, by managing the level of radiation to optimize the generation of electricity, and at the same time optimize crop cultivation and its yield

Agri-Voltaics is co-developing the same area of land for both photovoltaic power and food production . This method maximizes land use with the proper placement of photo voltaic panels over crops; producing renewable energy while providing specific amounts of sunlight and reducing water consumption.


"When it comes to growing crops under solar panels, we have the expertise"

L. Elisha Rubin, Executive Chairman


Clean Energy

Dual usage of agricultural land makes it possible to install large solar systems and produce a significant amount of clean energy, thereby significantly reducing CO2 emissions


Food Security 

Agri-Light’s solution provides a stable income for farmers and the ability to optimise land cultivation in difficult conditions


Reducing water consumption

By reducing the radiation level crops under Agri-Light’s system consume less water

Global Footprint

Map in Grass

As a global player we look to work in markets in which regulation legislation and radiation are fit for Agri-Voltaics to thrive. 

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